Working Together

Packers Plus

FracGeo partners with Packers Plus to study time dependent stress effects on various completions. The first results of the joint R&D efforts are presented at 2017 URTEC conference in paper URTEC 2688755.


FracGeo partners with RigMinder© to receive in its software and cloud based web services real time data from rigs and frac vans. RigMinder© is a technology company that provides monitoring and analytics of all functionality of drilling rig operations.


CMG and FracGeo are jointly developing and testing new cost effective and scientifically sound and validated workflows to improve the dynamic simulation of unconventional reservoirs. Emphasis is given to using geomechanics throughout the life cycle of the unconventional reservoir. Some of the results of these joint development efforts are presented in SPE Conferences (see SPE 182729 prepared for the 2017 SPE Reservoir Simulation Conference).


LMKR™ Partners with FracGeo LLC to deliver innovative fracture geomechanics software solutions addressing completion efficiency and well space optimization Through Integration into LMKR’s GVERSE™ and GeoGraphix® product suites.


When FracGeo needs to examine real fractures in cores and understand their history and their impact on the reservoir performance, the solution is FRACTURE STUDIES. From their early days in New Mexico trying to figure out the mysteries of fractured reservoirs and debunk the myths that surrounds them, John Lorenz, Scott Cooper, and Ahmed Ouenes continue to work together. The team continue to teach around the world a 2 days and 5 days unique hands-on course that covers all the aspects of fractured reservoirs.

Prof. John Nairn and his research group at Oregon State University

In 2003, Prof. John Nairn invented the algorithm for CRAcks in MPM (called CRAMP) which allows the modeling in the Material Point Method (MPM) of multiple propagating and interacting explicit fractures.

University of Southern California Induced Seismicity Consortium

FracGeo joined the USC Induced Seismicity Consortium that are addressing some advanced topicsand is looking to a fruitful collaboration with the USC team. Prof. Aminzadeh PhD student Arman Khodabakhshnejad joined FracGeo as a Geomechanics Specialist