About us

FracGeo provides decision makers, asset managers, engineers and geoscientists with Shale Management™ solutions for sweetspot and landing zone selection, adaptive asymmetric frac design, and completion and well spacing optimization in unconventional and tight reservoirs to improve asset ROR and well performance.
Geological modeling and geomechanical simulation driven engineering modeling software and services focus on the estimation, throughout the reservoir volume, of stress gradients and subsurface properties affecting reservoir quality, hydraulic fracturing and well spacing. Models include natural fracture distribution, rock properties and pore pressure, and additionally through geomechanical simulation their complex interaction with regional stress before, during, after hydraulic fracture stimulation.
FracGeo's fracture geomechanical simulator uses new and fast computational tools integrating geoscience and engineering in a way that has not been done before, allowing the completion engineer to model the asymmetric fracture geometry and conductivity while quantitatively adapting the hydraulic fracture treatment based on the spatially varying reservoir properties to achieve the optimal stimulation which accounts for variable stress gradients in the subsurface. For real time updates, surface drilling data is used to calculate geomechanical logs, fracture index, stresses and pore pressure to update the 3D earth model and geosteer into the most fracable rock. Reservoir simulation with a geomechanically constrained frac model enables the calculation of depletion which is then incorporated in the geomechanical simulation of the fracing of a child well. Geomechanical simulation driven frac design incorporates not only stress gradients and stress shadow effects but also pressure depletion of nearby producing wells in order to mitigate risk of frac hits and production degradation.

FracGeo management team consists of seasoned experts whose backgrounds and experience make them ideally suited to their respective roles. FracGeo founder, Ahmed Ouenes has been contributing to the shale revolution by introducing new reservoir modeling concepts. John Sinders, SVP Finance, has more than 30 year’s experience in international business in the energy sector including oilfield services, private equity, and investment banking. Dave Balogh, Chief Geophysicist has more than 45 year’s experience dealing with all the aspects of geophysics. Mohamed Bushara, VP Geosciences has a long track record of successfully drilling more than 500 wells and solving geologic problems in North America, Middle East and around the world. Peter O’Conor, VP of sales and marketing has a proven record of creating “hockey stick effects” and his last achievement when he was at GMI was to introduce geomechanics to the drilling business.