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A Holistic Approach Tailored to your Unconventional Reservoir

FracGeo provides software and services to improve modeling and development of unconventional reservoirs. We leverage a unique geomechanical simulator that incorporates geological variability to provide constraints to our adaptive frac design and well spacing optimization. The result is an integrated solution that uses all the available data to reduce risk and increase ROI.


Geomechanical logs, pore pressure, stresses, porosity, and natural fractures from surface drilling data in real time to steer the well in the most fracable rock Learn more


The world’s first and only 3G software designed for optimizing the development of Unconventional reservoirsLearn more

3G Workflows

Unique workflow that combines Geology, Geophysics and Geomechanics (3G) to constrain Engineering solutions Learn more

Asymmetric Frac Design and Pressure Depletion

Constrained asymmetric frac design and pressure depletion estimated from Tri-Linear model and Fast Marching Method (FMM) to optimize recovery and reduce well interferences Learn more

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